Laura Street Festival

The Laura Street Festival held another of its events over the weekend, organised by local residents and the Turnstyle Community Hub to help raise for various worthwhile causes. By the time it had swung into action, Highgate Hill was a full-blown street party.

On Sunday 29 November, Laura Street was turned to a festival of activities, live theatre, music and stalls that opened up at 1pm. A man performing in a dress, another beating on a steel drum, street theatre, a thrift shop, dance troupes, vegetarian, Rastafarian and Eritrean catering, the lot. Even a threatening storm to end the spring season could not stop festivities.

The event’s Hilltop Pickle Shop, run by the youngest caterer, sold delicious pickled snacks that raised $107 for Open Heart International’s 2016 mission to Rwanda and Tanzania. This is what the Turnstyle community project is all about.

Held at 10 Laura Street, Highgate Hill, Turnstyle is a social space that provides resources for people and groups working on projects benefiting for positive social change in and around the local community. Projects include a meeting space and an event space, a library, bicycle workshop, a home brew kitchen and a cob oven bakery.

These resourceful spots are held under the house by the tenants with the aim of stimulating local initiatives and building a community growth and operates on a not-for-profit basis sustained solely by donation and friendly volunteer help.

Words by Kirk W Wallace
Images from Joe TalentTime Facebook page


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